Business Partner for SMEs

Our main focus is on small and medium sized entities (SMEs) which, although are not equipped with an internal department, are eager for flexible methodologies and tools to monitor the cost structure and improve internal business efficiency.
We will therefore be planning, through targeted business strategies, to plan the business of the company, focusing primarily on enhancing and characterizing the product promoted by your company.

Efficiency and engagement

By listening to the needs of the client and, at the same time, while observing the current dynamics within the companies we work with, we are able to walk through the widest possible options and strategies in order to provide the best possible results in terms of earning and cost cutting solutions.

G&G about supporting SMEs

We use to define ourselves as the “doctors” of the companies as we offer a check-up to verify the health status of the enterprise and identify, in accordance with the Management, the most appropriate therapy to improve business efficiency.

Finance and Management Control

G&G Consulting is a Network of Independent Professionals with a significant track record in Management Control, aiming to support the entrepreneur in the process of decision-making.

Strategic Planning

G&G Consulting supports the company in strategic planning and control such as: goals setting, development lines, business plan, results achievement.

Development Booster

G&G Consulting is proposing as a development booster, helping the company through a dedicated service, thanks to the solid experience of its partners as CFO and Controller in well-structured companies.