Business Consulting

G&G Consulting run with management and corporate consulting, supporting enterprises in three main areas: financial, management and organizational.

Financial Area

Goal: to plan a short and long term cash needs. To process a tailor-made financial strategy.
Outcome: to sort out with an ideal financial position, keeping the cash flow strict to the company needs.

  • Check of the current financial frame
  • Financial budgeting and planning
  • Rating analysis
  • Bank relationships management
  • Cash management

Management Area

Goal: to point out the performances of the Business Units.
Outcome: an user-friendly Business Plan, stuffed with concrete actions to be taken in place.

  • Implementation of advanced Management Control systems
  • Annual, quarterly, monthly budgeting
  • Forecasts
  • Management reporting and KPI panel
  • Cost/Profit Center analysis

Organizational Area

Goal: to clean out the company, or the Business Unit, from wasting of time and resources.
Outcome: a better fluidity in term of organizational flow chart.

  • Business Plan
  • Implementation of an Analytical Chart of Accounts
  • Company restructuring
  • Process improvement
  • ERP systems analysis
  • Implementation of e-commerce
  • Business Coaching