The N.L.P.: What it is and How to use it


Let’s examine the “powers” that this technique possesses, if wisely used

Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.)

You cannot convince people that what they are experiencing is not the truth: they are trapped inside because they perceive it as real. Therefore you pay very little attention to what the person “says” to do, while you pay a great deal of attention to what the person “does”. This is the thought of Richard Bandler, co-creator, together with John Grinder, of Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.), a fascinating technique that allows us to program our behaviors and beliefs, through the analysis of “neurological” processes expressed through a certain verbal, paraverbal and non-verbal “language” (so-called “Body Language”).

Our “Map of Reality”

Even if we do not realize it, each of us tends to create our own “Map of Reality”, built on the basis of the information stored through our sensory channels (visual/auditory/kinesthetic/ olfactory/gustatory), as well as from experiences (pleasant events/unpleasant) and their own perceptions (based on sensitivity).

Often this “map” does not coincide with reality, as the latter is filtered by our “Beliefs” which, in turn, determine the actions that each of us takes to achieve the desired results (objectives).

And, if the latter are not achieved, they in turn feed our beliefs, altering reality.

How does N.L.P. Can it Affect Our Behaviors?

The N.L.P. therefore intervenes on our Beliefs, going to “program” our Behaviors, once the “anomalies” that create a misalignment between our “Map” and Reality have been identified. In fact, this technique, if used wisely, can remove the “Limiting” Thoughts that condition our actions and that do not allow us to reach our goals, as we create a “self-sabotage” with our mind.

Do you want to try to train with the N.L.P.?

We suggest a small but effective daily “exercise”: take a sheet of paper and write down the main events that happened during the day, highlighting in three separate columns the subjects involved, the description of the event and the feeling you got, upon occurrence of the same. Try to be analytical and objectively report the event, putting aside any personal emotions or interpretations.

The next step is to contact a Professional Coach expert in N.L.P., who will be able to accompany you, with a personalized path, to remove the blocks that do not yet allow you to achieve your goals.