The Secret to Create the “People Engagement”


Have you ever heard of “People Engagement”? How do you make it happen?


Typing on the Web the term “People Engagement” does not show a specific definition: this happens only if you search for the synonym “Employee Engagement” (referring to Business) which refers to the “degree of belonging of a worker to their organization“. Since there is no “ad hoc” definition, we decided to create it ourselves, thanks to our creativity! In fact, starting from the translation of “People Engagement” which in Italian can be expressed as “People Engagement”, we have coined our personal definition: “People Engagement indicates the sense of belonging of an individual to a certain Organization and realizes when a person totally identifies with a group using the word We instead of the word I “.

Factors that favor People Engagement

  1. Degree of Involvement: an individual feels involved in an organization only and when he becomes in effect an element of the same: when the level of involvement is low instead the individual tends to isolate himself and act autonomously with respect to the group .
  2. Type of Collaboration: the group is usually made up of individuals with different aptitudes and abilities … It is this diversity that allows the individual members of the organization to make a type of collaboration that is different from the others but complementary to achieve results.
  3. Sense of Responsibility: within each “group” or “team” hierarchies must be respected: the “leader” is the one who is recognized as a guide by the members of the “team”; the “followers” are those who follow the indications that the leader transmits to them.
  4. Level of Motivation: this is the most important element of all! A “motivated” individual will be able to make his own contribution to the group to which he belongs to the achievement of results, causing a “positive” “domino” effect on all other people.

The Secret to Create “People Engagement”

Engagement” between People can only be achieved if we are willing to listen to others, we work to help others, we train ourselves to assume our responsibilities but above all if we are able to share our passions with others, looking at the world from another perspective and never ceasing to dream all together!