The Effectiveness of “Self Marketing”!


Today it is increasingly important to “get out of the mold” of the past and know how to promote oneself …

What is meant by “Self Marketing”

The term “Marketing” is very much abused: before it was usually associated with the process of selling goods and services of a company and therefore it referred to the ability to be able to “package” the products, in such a way that they could satisfy the needs of customers; then the concept of “Marketing” has been expanded over time to also involve other aspects of an “immaterial” type, such as the ability to create interest and enter into relationships with customers. Nowadays, then, the concept of “Marketing” has extended to include the potential of individual people, who, unlike in the past, increasingly feel the need to learn to value themselves and to better understand their strengths, real “critical factors” of success in today’s world, in constant change and evolution.

The importance of knowing your strengths and knowing how to enhance them

The American philosopher William James once said: “begin to be now what you want to become from now on” and this maxim is just right for all those who want to start “investing” in themselves, promoting their attitudes and abilities. personal-professional, changing the type of approach in the relationship with others. In fact, if until some time ago those who wanted to “get back” in the game (looking for a job as an employee or starting their own business) managed to do it without particular problems, today the situation has changed radically, as they are decreasing both the jobs that space for new professions.

How to set up an effective self-marketing strategy

The first steps to be taken to set up an effective “Self Marketing” strategy consist in drawing up a “balance of one’s skills”, integrating professional knowledge and experience (“Hard Skill”) with the most developed personal attitudes (the so-called “Soft Skill”) and in creating a “personalized presentation” of a few minutes (maximum two) that will have to be focused on the usefulness you could provide to those who choose you. If you propose yourself as “employees” or “external collaborators” it will therefore be essential to devote a lot of attention to the drafting of the Curriculum Vitae and the Cover Letter (or to the creation of the Video Clip), while if you want to promote a certain “business on your own”, you will have to being good at arousing curiosity and interest, enhancing your skills, as well as enhancing your ability to provide solutions to the needs of potential customers.