G&G Academy Courses: Soft Skills


G&G Consulting, through its ACADEMY, provides Courses on “Soft Skills“, aimed at improving the so-called “Transversal Skills, i.e. Relational Skills that are not usually learned at School.



Courses will be delivered in “On Line” mode to Small Groups of Participants (maximum 10 people) in order to allow Members to participate interactively (by asking questions to the teacher) and with the choiche for teaching “to be customized” according to specific requests.

The Added Value of these Courses is to provide, in a Short Time and at a very Attractive Price, the “Basics” that are needed to know in a Professional way the Subject in question and to Practice with Exercises related to it.



To acquire and develop New Relational Knowledge and Human Skills, which will enable to Improved Interpersonal Relationships




Discovering a Greater Life Satisfaction, More Productivity and Enhanched Social Relations

For this purpose, G&G Academy provides at the end of each Course:


Certificate of Attendance


Learning Material

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