How to Build a Website


Let’s learn the steps necessary for the creation of a website


Without prejudice to the fact that the Creation of a Company Internet Site (“Web Site”) is a complex activity that requires specific technical and IT knowledge, modern digital technology provides us with tools (Electronic Devices) and Applications (Software and Database) that allow even the less experienced User to create a simple “Image” Site for their Company, where they can promote or sell their Products and Services.

The Steps needed to Build a Business Website

First you need to purchase the “Domain” or the Site Name (example: “www.lamiaimpresa.xx”) on a “Provider” (IT Company that provides Space on its Servers) and pay a Fee (usually annual) for “Hosting” services (such as for example the Provision of the CMS, Site Backup, Antivirus or Technical Assistance).

Then you can start building the website through the C.M.S. (Content Management System), a Software that can be installed on the local PC or on the Remote Server that allows you to enter and manage Web content in “dynamic” mode, ie based on “Blogs” that allow interaction with Users through a Relational Database.

One of the C.M.S. most used is WordPress which has a very simple and intuitive graphic interface and which facilitates the creation of the Site through “Site Builder” (Programs that allow you to build and set up Pages) and various “Plugins” (specific applications) free or paid for the Basic and Accessory Functionalities.

The last step is to work on the “Positioning” for the Site Search on Search Engines through the use of Plugins for the Analysis of “Meta Tag” (Contents), “Meta Description” (Descriptions) and “Keywords” (Words Key) and, only when the Website is fully “tested”, can it be activated (or as they say “put online”).

In fact, for a Web Site to be truly effective, it must be clearly “visible” or that it can appear among the first pages of the Results of a Search Engine: in fact, as I say a well-known adage or “Social” refrain … “The place safer where to hide a corpse is the second page of the results of a Google search”!


In order for a Company Website to possess the ability (“appeal“) to attract new Potential Customers, it must be “Professional” or not only be created with an “attractive” graphic layout but above all it must be able to engage the User by offering “Quality Content”, Using an easy and intuitive Site Architecture.

Among other services, the Professionals of G&G Consulting also offer IT Consultancy aimed at identifying together with you the Web and Digital Solutions that best lend themselves to the reality of your company.