How to Build the Goal Map


Let’s analyze what are the Steps for Creating the Goal Map

What is the Goal Map

The Goal Map is used to represent, from a graphic point of view, the Goals indicated by the Coachee and defined together with the Coach through the Goal Setting Technique, based on SMART requirements / SMARTES that these must possess to be such.

In fact, the Goal Setting Methodology is used by the Coach to modulate a series of “funnel-shaped” Questions to allow the Client to better focus his / her Objectives both in terms of “characteristics” and “temporality”.

The Steps to follow for the construction of the Goal Map

Usually the Goal Map is constructed following a “Bottom-Up” type scheme, that is “from bottom to top“, identifying three types of Objectives (Performance, Result and End) and following these Steps for the Coachee:

  1. Indication of the Result Objective (with the date): that is the “Strategic” Objective which, once declared, is abandoned to concentrate on working on the sub-objectives (of Performance) useful precisely “for” the Result.
  2. Indication of the Goal of the End (with the date): this “Goal” is a prerequisite for reaching its “Desired Future”, or what it wants to become, once it has achieved the set Goals.
  3. Indication of the Performance Objectives (with the relative dates): these sub-objectives represent the so-called “Tactical or Operational” Objectives, the achievement of which is essential to achieve the Result Objective.
  4. Identification of possible Obstacles (or Problems): which can be both “internal” (for example linked to particular “beliefs” or “limiting thoughts” that hinder the Coachee from reaching his goals) and “external” (referable instead to certain Situations on which the Customer cannot impose his will).
  5. Identification of possible Allies (or Facilitators): which, also in this case, can be “internal” (for example, linked to particular Customer Potentials particularly developed) or “external” (referring to certain Persons who, with their characteristics , could help the Coachee to achieve their Goals).

Usefulness of the Goal Map for Companies

In addition to a Coaching Path, the Goal Map can also be used in an organizational-corporate context.

The Map of the Objectives is in fact a useful tool for all companies (both SMEs and large ones), as it allows you to clearly view all the phases of activity that must be followed to achieve the set objectives, as well as to check the results at the set deadlines, offering Management a very important Feed-back to understand “how close or far you are with respect to the Target envisaged in the strategy”.