Techniques of Visualization of the Desired Future


Before even starting to talk about our Goals, you need to be able to imagine them …

The Difficulty in Defining Your Goals

Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. With this maxim, Albert Einstein has always underlined the importance of using our thinking at 360 degrees, driven by the power of the imagination and without preclusions dictated by “logical” or “vertical” thinking which is often considered, wrongly, “preferable “.

I too, in my experience as a Professional Coach, have found that when a Client begins to outline his goal with words, he often does it in a detached and impersonal way, as if he were talking about something “abstract” and far from his own possibilities, finding great difficulty even in defining it in less detailed details.

Techniques of Visualization of the Desired Future

It is at this point that the recourse to Visualization Techniques of the Desired Future becomes useful, through which, the Coachee can “immerse himself” more fully in the scenario he imagined and begin to experience positive sensations connected to the ability to become aware of being able to achieve your set goal.

These techniques are improperly called “Visualization” as in reality these are always associated with the “VAKOG” Model, that is to the Perceptual Channels (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Taste), which serve to represent reality according to the most sensory perceptions. developed, different from customer to customer.

Just to give a small example, let’s say for example that the Coachee’s goal is to “Lose Weight”; in this case the Professional Coach must be able to ask “powerful” questions that are able to transport the client into the future scenario and arouse positive emotions in him related to the new condition (of weight loss).

Do you want to try to train with some Visualization Techniques?

If you have planned a goal to reach but you have not yet succeeded, I propose a simple “exercise”: identify a space in your home or office that is possibly secluded and away from background noise; get a comfortable and relaxing seat and try to dampen the background light, creating a family atmosphere.

If it doesn’t bother you, you can also listen to background music, as long as the volume does not hinder concentration: at this point, close your eyes, clear your mind of thoughts and free your imagination trying to “outline” with as many details as possible (images, sounds etc.) the future scenario in which you will be able to achieve your goal.The next step is to contact a Professional Coach expert in P.N.L., who will be able to accompany you, through a personalized path, to deepen the Visualization Techniques most suited to your needs.