The Main Techniques of Digital Marketing


We begin to learn more about the most “effective” techniques for doing Digital Marketing

What does “Digital Marketing” mean

This term refers to the set of marketing activities developed at a “digital” level to promote the image of the company. In fact, the peculiarities of “Digital” Marketing consist not only in the promotion of Products and Services (through targeted Advertising) and the marketing of the same but also, and above all, in the creation of a Digital Identity on the Market (the so-called “Personal Branding” or the set of Company Values, which must be recognized, perceived and appreciated by regular and potential customers).

The Main Techniques of Digital Marketing

Among the numerous methodologies used to promote the corporate image on the Internet, it is worth mentioning:

  1. Direct Email Marketing (DEM): which consists in sending “Mail” aimed at a Focus Group of Customers (ie a homogeneous grouping of the same, appropriately selected on the basis of certain characteristics), also through the use of “Newsletter” (Periodic Information Bulletins on Company News and Promotions). These techniques have the disadvantage of reaching only users who have come into contact with the company.
  2. Indirect Marketing Tools: “indirect” marketing tools that can be both free and paid. Among the first, the most important are the “Freebie” (which means “Free Sample”, ie a quality content related to a post or article on Social Media that is offered by the author in exchange for the user’s contact) and the “Funnel” (ie “Funnel” as the objective of this Technique is to select, through publications on the web, only and exclusively those who are interested in the subject matter and to arouse in them positive feelings and curiosity that often materialize in the sale of the company’s products and services). Among the second (for a fee) the most common are those called “Ads” – “Adv” (abbreviation of “Advertising” which consist in “sponsoring” the commercial offer, reaching a much wider Customer Target) and also the techniques of “Remarketing” – “Retargeting” (which consist in “marking” the user who has visited the company website and showing him / her products and services also in other unrelated portals and social media).

The Most Effective Digital Marketing Techniques

From an Effectiveness point of view, the Digital Marketing Techniques to be privileged are the “paid” ones, as they allow you to quickly reach a very high number of Potential Customers (which would not be possible using only some “free” tools that would require greater time and constancy in the activity). In particular, those that give the best results are the “ADS paid campaigns on Google or Facebook” which, thanks to a better positioning on Search Engines and Social Networks, give greater visibility to the Company.