The Value of Digital Branding on Social Networks


Let’s examine the importance of Marketing at the “Digital Community” level


Today, more than ever, all Company Activities pass through the Web: orders, shipments, distribution logistics, economic and financial transactions, purchases and sales of products and services, and, last but not least, their advertising and promotion.

It is precisely Digital Marketing that today has an important strategic value for the world of companies that have “moved” from the traditional physical environment (represented by industrial plants, factories or shops) to the “virtual” one of the Net by creating Internet Sites o real “digital showcases” on the main Market Places (for example Amazon, eBay etc.) or Social Networks (for example Facebook, Instagram), where to be even more “visible”.

The Importance of “Digital” Marketing

Marketing is no longer a question of what you can produce, but what stories you can tell”! This motto of the American writer Seth Godin is very illustrative to summarize the value of Digital Marketing: advertising today is in fact based on the ability to capture the attention of the potential customer, through a narrative (called “Story Telling”), aimed at awakening his curiosity and to arouse deep and enveloping emotions in him.

All this happens more and more through the use of Paid Promotional Campaigns carried out on the major Social Networks, within which (often unknowingly) we spend most of our days.

The Main Social Networks on which to do Digital Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube (just to mention the best known) are the most used Social Networks for Digital Marketing as they are visited daily by a varied Target of Users (men, women, young and old) who may be interested in the products o Company services and which can be “intercepted” in different ways. In fact, while on Facebook it is preferable to use advertisements or promotions “with text and images”, on Instagram the latter are normally privileged (it was created exclusively for photos) and on Youtube video clips are uploaded. Other social networks used to do digital marketing are Tik Tok (very popular among young people), Twitter or Pinterest.


In summary we can say that today Marketing is done less and less using the Traditional Physical Channels and increasingly at a “Virtual” level and is destined in the future to be even more integrated within the “Digital Communities” by privileging not only some particular Social but also Advertising “targeted” to specific Users.