The new needs in terms of Business Management, Digital Marketing and Soft Skill of Agricultural Enterprises have been met through the provision of specific training courses


A well-known training agency in Florence, accredited by the Tuscany Region, has commissioned G&G Consulting in designing training paths to meet new needs in terms of advanced management of an agricultural company.

Critical Issues

A widespread reluctance to learn new concepts relating to the new “Agriculture 2.0” emerged from the beginning. In fact, the agricultural sector still suffers from a cultural backwardness in the entrepreneurial approach to management. This affected the ability to renew processes and adapt to the changed context of our society.

Performed Activity

The training plans were modulated through “one to one” interviews with the recipients of the training. The approach used in the teaching took into account the different levels of education of the participants and their knowledge and the direct involvement of the participants in the classroom was favored.


The results achieved can be summarized in a growing interest on the part of the participants in new subjects, the subject of teaching and requests from new agricultural enterprises for ongoing training.

The professionals of G&G Consulting have expanded the training offer by adding new lectures on other topics that you can download by filling out the request form on the Home Page of the Site.