After a Business Coaching Course, the sales staff of an electrical material company began to relate better to each other and to their customers!


A global corporation operating in the electrical components sector contacted us to entrust us with the task of “Business Coaching” for its sales staff in Tuscany. According to the Management’s indications, the person in charge of the team, although very qualified from a ” business ” point of view, had never played the role of “Leader” and it was therefore essential to support him in order to help him develop greater Awareness in the new challenge to be faced.

Critical issues

The fast pace of work, together with the use of “Smart Working” and the habit of communicating exclusively by email or instant messaging, had caused a slight ” mismatch ” within the staff in terms of efficiency and targets to be achieved.

The Team manager found himself for the first time in a very tricky role of great responsibility both towards the Company Management and towards his own Resources.

Activity performed

The Business Coaching Course involved both the Leader and all team members.

A targeted activity was carried out to verify whether the “values” shared by the Leader and the Followers were aligned. Actions were then put in place to achieve the common goal.

To this end, each member of the team was provided with the Potentiality Test, through which it was interesting to understand how the different attitudes of the various salespeople could blend not only among themselves but also with their customers.

After a few rounds, the capacity of the leader and the salespeople to listen to the requests of the management and to their own customers was highly improved.

At the end of the Coaching Course, the Leader’s Leadership was strengthened, and he was always available to organise Weekly Meetings with his Followers and to listen to their requests related to operations, with greater mutual Awareness and Responsibility.  


G&G Consulting’s professionals supported the global corporation in achieving:

– Enhanced Awareness of the Responsible Subject in the role of “Leader”.

– Increased Collaboration and Listening Skills between Leaders, Followers and Customers