To modernize its equipment, a sports facility was able to benefit form tax breaks, which allowed it to obtain tax credits upon to 55% of the cost of technological investments!


We have been asked to look for facilities in order to support a remarkable investment in new tangible and intangible capital goods, functional to the technological and digital transformation according to the “Industry 4.0” model.

Critical issues

The capital goods to be invested in had to have certain special features, including:

– interconnection with computer systems with remote uploading of instructions;

– automated integration with the facility’s logistics system;

– simple and intuitive interface between man and machine;

– compliance with the latest occupational health, safety and hygiene standards.

As is well known, moving within the Italian bureaucracy is always a source of uncertainty, both in terms of time and results. Finding the right tool for each individual situation requires more than just tax expertise.


Performed activity

We followed the file in its entirety. After understanding the needs of the entrepreneur, we took steps to identify the most suitable instrument. We interfaced with the engineer to issue the technical report attesting to the conformity of the assets with the requirements of the regulations. We communicated with the Ministry of Economic Development in order to provide the necessary information to assess the system of subsidies used by the company.



G&G Consulting’s professionals supported the company in obtaining a tax credit to the extent of:

– 40% of the cost for the portion of investments in technologically advanced tangible capital goods;

– 15% of the cost for investments in intangible capital goods