Thanks to our Digital Marketing consultancy, we have enabled a textile company to develop a strategy for selling its products domestically and overseas with increased sales!


The owner of a historic textile enterprise approached us about how to develop a digital marketing activity aimed to sell products not only domestically but also abroad.

Critical issues

The analysis we carried out highlighted the following critical issues:

– The company website was old-fashioned and had not been updated for a long time

– Social media either did not exist or were not linked to the corporate website

– There were no tools for analysing and profiling customers (“C.R.M.”)

– Digital promotional campaigns were not implemented

– The company was not “noticeable” on the Web

Activity performed

We immediately focused on “Restyling” the Website, according to the current “Blog” type setting, and suggested a new version of the same (also in English) using “WordPress”. All of the company’s social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube) were created and links made to the Website. In addition, a “C.R.M.” was implemented for customer analysis and profiling, creating targeted promotional campaigns with Direct Mailing tools (e.g. Mail Chimp) and Funnel Marketing. In order to increase sales, it was very useful for the company to join a few market places (e.g. Amazon), as this increased the company’s awareness abroad.


G&G Consulting’s professionals supported the company in the development of a Digital Marketing activity, providing it with a cutting-edge Website (also in English), Social Profiles linked to it and Customer Analysis Tools.

Digital Promotional Campaigns have also been developed which, together with a presence on the main international Market Places, have enabled the company to increase its Sales, not only in Italy but also abroad!