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La Comunicazione Efficace in Azienda

G&G Blog: Effective Communication in the Company

Effective Communication in the Company


It is important to be able to communicate to colleagues what we want to express


In today’s “Liquid” society, as renamed by the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, there is an “abuse” of “Communication” in the form of “words”, “messages”, “communications” both in the real world and in the digital one. By now in our daily life we are continuously “flooded” with information both from the media and from social networks and we too are increasingly used to communicating with others through the use of smartphones, tablets and PCs. All this has transformed not only the “methods” but also the “effects” of Communication: in fact, if before, to understand each other, a few words were enough (accompanied by a “smile”), today it is no longer the case and even the exchange of messages can prove insufficient to ensure that our interlocutor has understood what we wanted to say to him.

What does “Effective Communication” mean

The word “Communication” derives from the Latin term “Communicare”, whose etymological root is “Communis”, which therefore refers to the action of “sharing” or “sharing knowledge together”. The adjective “Effective” instead refers to the ability to understand how much of the “communicational load” was actually received by those who were listening to us, without loss of information useful for understanding. Therefore “Communication” is “Effective” if it is aimed at guaranteeing full understanding between the interlocutors.

The Methods of Communication in the Company

Today, those who work in companies prefer instant messaging tools (such as WhatsApp Business etc.) which allow the exchange of information between colleagues, collaborators and company managers in a very rapid way, and which have now replaced the sending of emails or faxes and significantly reduced the use of voice calls.
As for the Meetings, especially in this period of the Covid-19 Pandemic, these now take place exclusively on digital platforms (example: Skype, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Life Size etc.) and it is believed that they will continue in the future, when it will be possible to meet again “in presence” as it happened in the past.

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Managers or Collaborators

There are no “universal rules” to learn how to communicate effectively in the company but “common sense” is valid.
Often, in fact, it is necessary to pay more attention to Listening and Observing our interlocutor, compared to focusing on the words we are saying or writing and using simple and understandable language. Furthermore, the Communicative Style will be different depending on whether we relate to a Manager (hierarchically superior to us) or a Collaborator (subordinate to us): while with the former it will be necessary to relate with “assertiveness”, being able to clearly express our thoughts ( even divergent), with the second it would be appropriate to avoid using a communicative style that is too “authoritarian” or “directive” which could affect the relational aspects.

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